New to Yoga?

Whatever age you are, yoga can support you in your journey toward feeling well and becoming fit.  Yoga is an ancient integrated discipline of mind, body, emotions, and spirit over 5000 years old.

With experienced teachers as your guide and your mat as your foundation, you can experience peace of mind, increased health and awareness, and increased joy and flexibility in your movements.

As you start on your yoga journey, be patient with yourself.

Give yourself time to learn the poses (asanas) and the use of yoga props.

Remember to breathe.

For your first class:

  • Wear comfortable clothes, preferably yoga pants that allow the teacher to see your knees.
  • Don’t eat an hour before class.
  • You will need your own yoga equipment for your home practice.  Your teacher will help you identify what is needed for your class and level.  Please see the Prop web page for stores that carry yoga equipment.
  • Please register for the online classes at least 15 minutes before class.
  • If you have a particular medical issue or injury, please let your teacher know about it at the beginning of class.